“Thank you for all your amazing work on The Book. We’ve officially sent it to printing, and have gotten some test copies back—it looks awesome! We couldn’t have done it without your help and beautification—so THANK YOU! You transformed the docs from dull PowerPoint slides to a highly desired reference book/ coffee table book.

Advanced Product Planning Manager

Fortune Global 100 Automotive Company

Souce Image Final Guide Book Page/Slide

“This is fun for me—I have never worked with a slide designer before. I love the way it really elevates the deck.”

Product Manager

Fortune 500 Medical Technology Company

“We’re looking for a great aesthetic and smart communication of concepts that are typically part of the research discussion. I wanted to make sure it was somebody who was able to not only give aesthetically, but also be able to understand our language; someone who is able to speak multiple languages, so the language of design, but at the same time the language of research. That’s a hard-to-find combination.”


Research & Insights Company

Actual Client Outline Final Editable Slide

Slidedesignr would be great for anyone who needs visualization of their ideas. Print work, really any kind of graphic design—I wouldn’t hesitate. So I think any kind of creative content or concept to visualization work, they will be fantastic at.

Slidedesignr was able to get our branding really quickly, and that was really critical for us, because we definitely had a specific look in mind. I can talk to them about a conceptual vision that I have, and they would bring it to life really nicely, more than other designers, who don’t necessarily understand the content. What I’m really looking for is the ability to provide visualization that brings about a deeper understanding of the content that is greater than the sum of its parts.

They made it easy, and brought my vision to life in a way that I was very proud to provide to my client. A lot of talented designers don’t want to work in PowerPoint. And whether anyone likes it or not, that is the way business communicates. The fact is, Vashte was my business person on top of everything else.

And, she’s got that kind of magnetic personality to boot. We got the chance to spend some more time with her and it was really very good. She’s really got a depth of personality that I certainly don’t find in most people.

Senior VP

Top Research & Strategy Company

  • Case Study

An analytics firm founded by mathematicians sought to communicate the value of their complex math-driven methodology to restaurant brands in need of their insights to make informed decisions on how to maximize ad spend.


figure engagements are routinely won and the firm maintains long-standing relationships with QSR brands, using slides, infographics, and video we created for them to communicate their thought leadership and expertise in the space.

We conducted an audit of their past decks to understand how slides are currently used, what worked well—and what didn’t.

We then interviewed their team, everyone from analysts to the CEO, to gather insights into their methods, differentiators, needs, wants, and pain points.

This process helped us close the gaps in their clients’ understanding of their methodology and quant findings. Our learnings were distilled into a design brief to be used as our north star for deliverable creation going forward.

We created slides that clearly and visually communicate their complex methodologies—and how they’re different from typical approaches—connecting them to the outcomes that energize their clients and excite them about working with mathematicians who get marketing.

“Working with Vashte to craft my vision for my new sales team was an amazing experience! A quick call helping her understand the expectations and culture I was aiming to build resulted in a perfect slide deck build that showed professionalism, preparation and experience.

Being in the field for most of my career, I lack in some of the areas to make my presentations “pop” or stand out in slides. Vashte seamlessly understood my message and helped build slides that brought my vision to life. She was a huge help and someone I will certainly turn to in the future for additional support!”

Product Manager

Fortune 500 Medical Technology Company

Your Consumer Insights. Elevated.

Vashte Johnson
Insights Accelerator

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