Build Impressively Powerful Insights Deliverables.

Discover our proven strategic process that cuts your analysis time in half while delivering undeniable results.

  • Are you spending a ton of time on analysis and report development?

Your biggest competitors are throwing money at the problem. Why should you have to spend long nights and weekends to get reports out the door?

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We help Insights Pros…

…avoid the mistakes your competitors are making.

…cut insights analysis time in half.

…become the go-to for deliverables clients love.

I believe every deliverable has the potential to create 3 powerful transformations.

After conducting qual and quant consumer research and visualizing insights for over 15 years with hundreds of researchers and research companies— from single-person shops to larger companies in the insights industry—I figured out how to help busy Consumer Insights leaders avoid the mistakes their competitors are making, cut their insights analysis time in half and create deliverables that clients love.

So how can deliverables transform the lives of insights professionals?

  • They can make you more revenue—Slidedesignr wants our client’s clients to be so blown away by you, that they don’t go anywhere else for insights.

  • They can communicate your authority and expertise in shaping strategy as an indispensable consultative partner (yes, even the “small” decks).

  • And they can help you spend less time working on analysis. Really!

Get the Deliverables Generator.

Deliverables don’t always have to be in PowerPoint! In 10 minutes (or less) you’ll learn how to come up with creative ways to bring insights to life while differentiating your business. Click here to get a detailed one-pager and video on how to create creative deliverables that work, for any project.

  • How Does it Work?

The Easy Deliverable Creation Plan

  • Book a call before fielding. We’ll have a conversation about your research project and client needs.

  • Allow us to create a customized pre-fielding gameplan for you.

  • After fielding, use our Simple Braindump Process to effortlessly get down your findings, thoughts, and deepest connections. Don’t spend days writing and wordsmithing an outline.

  • Then we’ll build an overall structure for the deliverable that clarifies your big ideas and recommendations using our proven process for communicating with high-level audiences.

  • We’ll move into creating the strong visuals Slidedesignr is known for to provide clarity, illustrate, visually support and elevate your findings.

  • You’ll get the final deliverable 24-48 hours before you need to hit send to your client.

Prepare to see smiles, laughter, nodding, and the aha-moments we crave, again and again.

Our process ensures a deep connection between your business objectives, client objectives, key insights, themes, frameworks, data, and visuals that support you and inspire your clients to take action.

Deliverables don’t always have to be in PowerPoint. Differentiate without spending more time and money developing random design capabilities in-house.

One pagers can help you effortlessly take your insights further.

Visualize concepts in illustrations optimized for deliverables and research stimuli.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but video helps your audience really connect with and retain your findings.

We write, produce, sketch, and shoot narratives that can include a combination of live action, illustrations, infographics, motion graphics, animation, archival footage, and scoring.

“I love working with slidedesignr because they bring my words and content to LIFE. It’s like I had a vision in my head that I didn’t know how to translate outside of my head, and she took the seeds and planted it into a beautiful garden that I can share with others and most importantly, can impact others the way that I want it to and in a way that words alone wouldn’t have been able to.

I always know I will get a great product from slidedesignr.”

Product Manager

Medical Device R&D Company

  • Accelerate Insights.

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