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  • What differentiates us from other designers? 

We Activate.

We’re more than just graphic designers—we’ve helped businesses across a wide variety of industries conduct qual and quant research, innovate new products, and solve problems.

With a focus on results-driven design, we start with strategic content and design direction aimed at your business goals and objectives, before pushing a single pixel. We’re a strategic partner who speaks the language of business—visually.

  • Design That Works.

Our clients are leading producers of marketing & insights into consumers, companies, physicians, and patients. We create decks that help leaders make decisions, innovate, inspire teams, and bring products, services, and ideas to life.

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We create strategic visual solutions in PowerPoint (hence the name!), one-pagers, video, animation, and sketch.

Create more impressive slides for sales decks and reports—faster and more consistently.

It’s frustrating to spend hours customizing and creating slides from scratch in a template that’s too limiting for the kind of work you do.

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We’ll help you level up your presentations, reports, and more with a template custom-designed for the way you work that you can drag/drop into your decks, or use as “lego blocks” to design entirely new slides—saving you tons of time and money creating PowerPoint slides that work.

Nail pitches and proposals with copywriting and slides designed to boost your bottom line.

Putting our proven process to work, we’ll craft a clean, tight story that reflects your voice, target customer, goals, and key points of differentiation that will help your proposals beat the competition.

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And, you’ll create them in record time with boilerplate slides you can use over and over again, rather than starting from scratch or hunting for key slides.

Consolidate your story onto one page that’s easily shareable and quickly digestable by even the busiest C-level clients. We’ll work with you to extract out the most important messages and present nuanced, complex stories beautifully.

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Visualize your concepts as hand-sketched research-optimized illustrations you can use as deliverables, and in qual and quant testing with consumers.

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Our process ensures a deep connection between client objectives, your key insights, themes, frameworks, supporting material, and the visuals we’ll create that will help your clients make tough decisions.

Come out of field and move on to the next project. And, everything on the slide—from charts to graphs to icons to images—is editable.

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We dive in and Activate, leveraging our background in strategy, market research, and consumer insights to help refine your already strong story into a leveled-up client-facing product.

We can come into the process as soon as fielding is completed, or after you’ve already sorted out the outline.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but video keeps your audience emotionally engaged. Visualize your concepts and ideas in an impactful finished product you can use in marketing and research.

We write, produce, sketch, and shoot narratives that can include a combination of live action, illustrations, infographics, motion graphics, animation, archival footage, and scoring.

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Vashte Johnson

Visual Design Strategist

Design That Works.

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“They made it easy, and brought my vision to life in a way that I was very proud to provide to my client. A lot of talented designers don’t want to work in PowerPoint. And whether anyone likes it or not, that is the way business communicates. The fact is, Vashte was my business person on top of everything else.

And, she’s got that kind of magnetic personality to boot. We got the chance to spend some more time with her and it was really very good. She’s really got a depth of personality that I certainly don’t find in most people.”

Senior VP

Market Research & Strategy Firm

  • Creating impactful presentations has never been easier.

If you’re interested in turning your unique capabilities and insights into decks that move clients and investors, click the button below to speak to Vashte.

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Results-Driven Design.

“This is fun for me—I have never worked with a slide designer before. I love the way it really elevates the deck.”

Product Manager

Medical Device R&D Company

Vashte Johnson
Presentation Design Strategist
(424) 262-5310

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