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  • Are you spending a ton of time on analysis and report development?

You don’t have to spend long nights and weekends to get reports out the door.

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Slidedesignr’s Mission

Our clients have many other projects, tasks, meetings—and personal lives!—competing for their finite time; we serve them best by taking one critical thing off their plate, treating it as if it was our own, and doing their insights the highest justice possible, so they can confidently get back to doing what they love.

I’ve been there, and I want to help you become a trusted consultant. I developed my proven process by working with Hundreds of Clients, on Thousands of IDIs and Focus Groups, creating Hundreds of Thousands of slides.

Vashte is a visual design consultant based in Florida who has been conducting qual and quant consumer research and visualizing insights for over 15 years.

Vashte has been on the client and vendor side and consulted across a range of industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, medical tech, entertainment, retail, and CPG, and has moderated focus groups and IDIs with thousands of respondents across the country.

Her clients are some of the biggest leaders in their industries, consistently on the Forbes list and in the news, and she has helped them bring insights to life using a proven process that gets tangible results.

She helps insights companies deepen client relationships through powerful deliverables with a solid respect for research design, methodology, client objectives, and industry best practices.

If you’re interested in using your time more efficiently and bringing in more revenue than you do now, book a call below. 

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  • How Does it Work?

The Easy Deliverable Creation Plan

  • Braindump your research findings and supporting points. Don’t spend days writing and wordsmithing an outline.

  • Book a call. We’ll walk through your research project and client needs.

  • Allow us to create a customized approach for you.

  • Then we’ll build an overall structure for the deliverable that clarifies your big ideas and recommendations using our proven process for communicating with high-level audiences.

  • We’ll work within your desired branding to create strong visuals that support and elevate your findings.

  • You’ll get the final deliverable 24-48 hours before you need to hit send to your client.

Deliverables don’t have to be in PowerPoint. Differentiate your team without spending more time and money developing design capabilities in-house.

One pagers can help you effortlessly take your insights further.

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Visualize concepts in illustrations optimized for deliverables and research stimuli.

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A picture is worth 1,000 words, but video helps your audience really connect with and retain your findings.

We write, produce, sketch, and shoot narratives that can include a combination of live action, illustrations, infographics, motion graphics, animation, archival footage, and scoring.

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“They made it easy, and brought my vision to life in a way that I was very proud to provide to my client. A lot of talented designers don’t want to work in PowerPoint. And whether anyone likes it or not, that is the way business communicates. The fact is, Vashte was my business person on top of everything else.

And, she’s got that kind of magnetic personality to boot. We got the chance to spend some more time with her and it was really very good. She’s really got a depth of personality that I certainly don’t find in most people.”

Senior VP

Market Research & Strategy Firm

  • You don’t have to wear every hat.

If you’re interested in spending 50%-90% less time turning around reports, click the button below to book a call with Vashte.

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Your Consumer Insights. Elevated.

“This is fun for me—I have never worked with a slide designer before. I love the way it really elevates the deck.”

Product Manager

Medical Device R&D Company

Vashte Johnson
Visual Design Consultant
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