It’s easy to find graphic designers who can create slides. That’s really easy. There are hundreds of them.

What’s hard is to find a designer who has expertise in business, and that’s their niche.
You know people will say, “why don’t you use our designers?” and I’ll say “because they don’t have the sensitivity and the expertise to understand how to depict complex statistical data analytics, or customer insights on certain information well.” Slidedesignr gets it.


Your business communicates insights: results, analysis, recommendations, data.

It’s hard to do that while worrying about how you’re going to design PowerPoint slides at the same time.

What’s more, ever-tightening deadlines make it a challenge to deliver your best work, when you’re trying to create those crucial slides at the last minute.

For you, creating slides has the lowest ROI; it prevents you from investing your most critical resources—your team’s time and energy—on crafting insights, recommendations, and data-driven stories.

Graphic Designers Can Make Slides Pretty

…but they don’t make slides work. Purely aesthetically-pleasing slides can be great in some situations, but day-to-day, your slides have be both beauty and brains.

Coming up with lots of complex insights and data is already challenging enough, but spending the time to put it on a page in a way that’s instantly, viscerally appealing and easy to understand is an additional full-time job.

You’ve got to make a big impact in 8.5 by 11 inches and, if you’re lucky, about 10 minutes, and frankly, pretty on its own won’t cut it. 

Your Insights. But Better.

We want your insights to help the C-suite make decisions—and do it so well that your clients come back to you again and again for more.

That requires a dedication and commitment to making PowerPoint slides that a lot of businesses simply don’t have the resources for.

So how can you make that happen?

You don’t. We do.

You’re the expert—but you have a lot of hats to wear, and not a lot of time. Thankfully, we’re the experts in communicating your expertise to non-experts. 😊

We know how important your PowerPoint slides are—and yours are smarter with us involved in the process. We take your complex and nuanced insights, and make them simple and visual—and actionable.

“We’re looking for a great aesthetic and smart communication of concepts that are typically part of the research discussion. I wanted to make sure it was somebody who was able to not only give aesthetically, but also be able to understand our language; someone who is able to speak multiple languages, so the language of design, but at the same time the language of research. That’s a hard-to-find combination.”


Who We Are

Vashte Steinbiss

Owner & Lead Design Strategist

Bringing both a vendor- and client-side perspective, Vashte is experienced in qualitative and quantitative market research design, analysis, report design, storytelling, and presentation development and design for domestic and international audiences. She has honed her high level of visual business communication skills across a variety of industries including automotive, medical, entertainment, financial, video games, retail, and more.

As a graphic designer and artist with pieces in the hands of private collectors around the country, she creates custom illustrations, images, logos, icons, and other visuals and vector assets to visualize methodologies, communicate concepts and ideas, and illustrate stories for insights professionals around the world.

We’re more than just designers: we’re Research Analysts, Research Managers, Focus Group Moderators, Product Planners, and Consultants. We’ve helped businesses across a wide variety of industries solve problems and innovate new products by crafting analysis, insights, and recommendations from primary and secondary research.

From last-minute presentation deadlines, to finding the soul of a compelling story in the data, to hitting homeruns on those make-or-break meetings and workshops…

…We’ve been there.

And we know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes.

Slidedesignr’s Simple Mission:

Better Deliverables, Done For You.

We communicate your insights visually, beautifully—and strategically.

We take your implicit expertise, and make it explicit, clear, simple, and quick, so your C-level audience can confidently make the decisions they need to make.

We don’t ”make slides pretty”.

We make slides work.

Custom PowerPoint Slide Design by Slidedesignr for Qual Quant Market Research & Business Templates Custom Methodology Framework Storytelling Venn Diagram

Free Yourself to Focus on Insights—And Grow Your Business

We artfully combine Storytelling and Graphic Design to bring your insights to life. Visual Storytelling with analytical rigor does two things: it connects your audience emotionally with your data-driven story, making it much more memorable and impactful, and it gives them the confidence to act, helping you to achieve your business goals.


Conveying insights as a straightforward, memorable narrative that convinces, excites, and compels your audience to action.


The art of arranging text and visual content to convey ideas and insights in a way that pleases the eye aesthetically, and pleases the mind with clarity and ease of understanding.

Slides Done-For-You, with Beauty & Brains: A Proven Process

We’ve got a proven process and an expert team that evolves your content into a polished document that communicates even the most complicated data with visceral impact.

From creative custom graphics and diagrams to explain your complex methodologies and concepts, to creating innovative ways of walking your audience through your data, to making sense of complex, nuanced stories, it’s all tailored for your audience, in your style, your voice, with your key insights and major takeaways.

We’ve spent years refining our end-to-end deliverable creation process so you don’t have to. And it’s not just aesthetic; we strive to make each slide a standalone product that effectively communicates your message, and makes your end client feel they are getting a great value for the money with every slide.

With Slidedesignr, creating impactful presentations has never been easier.

(move the teal slider to see how we’ve transformed our clients’ slides!)


“This is fun for me—I have never worked with a slide designer before. I love the way it really elevates the deck.”


How It Works

Custom PowerPoint Slide Design by Slidedesignr for Qual Quant Market Research & Business Custom Charts and Graphs

Free Discovery Conversation

Request a free discovery conversation to get to know us and discuss your needs.

Let’s Chat

Custom PowerPoint Slide Design by Slidedesignr for Qual Quant Market Research & Business Custom Charts and Graphs

Your Insights

Whether you already have content, or are in the planning stages of your project, we’ll dive in and get involved and familiar with your project.

Custom PowerPoint Slide Design by Slidedesignr for Qual Quant Market Research & Business Custom Charts and Graphs

Create Your Slides

We’ll begin creating your slides. And we don’t work in a black box; our open process is collaborative and iterative with updates incorporating your feedback as we work toward the final deliverable.

Custom PowerPoint Slide Design by Slidedesignr for Qual Quant Market Research & Business Custom Charts and Graphs

Final Deliverable

We’ll send or upload the final deliverable to you with all custom shapes, graphics, charts, and graphs with linked data files. And, it’s all fully editable!

“I think they’re amazing; they observe the problem, schedule immediately, sketch immediately, and sometimes send a few sketches to get a sense if that is the right direction. I like the way that Vashte checks in, I like the fact that they can work very, very quickly. I think their work is very exemplary. I love the fact that every item is editable—that’s just unbelievable to me.”


Done-For-You From End to End.

We don’t just produce high-quality PowerPoint slides. We handle the works.

That means we’ll handle your deliverables from start to finish, from Custom-Branded Templates, to PowerPoint Decks, to One-Pagers & Infographics.

Slidedesignr understands your individual needs, your branding, and your voice, to become your trusted presentation design partner—some call us their Secret Weapon for decision-grade:

Custom PowerPoint Slide Design by Slidedesignr for Qual Quant Market Research & Business Custom TIMELINES & FLOWCHARTS journey powerpoint slide METHODOLOGY ILLUSTRATIONS powerpoint slide Infographic powerpoint slide Perceptual Map powerpoint slide consumer profile powerpoint slide CUSTOM EDITABLE SHAPES powerpoint slide

Corporate Branded Templates

Capabilities/ Credentials Decks & Proposals

One-Pagers & Infographics

Investor Presentations for Startups

Keynote Presentations

Qualitative & Quantitative Projects & Reports

No hourly billing. Our fixed, per-slide pricing means predictability and no blown budgets.

PowerPoint Slide Design Packages

Our clients love our slide packages for Qualitative or Quantitative Market Research Reports, internal Sales & Marketing Decks, Product Planning, Proposals and Capabilities Decks, and more. They’re a great fit for startups, market research firms, client-side research departments, and Enterprise-level businesses of all kinds.

Slide Packages are a pre-paid bundle of slides you and your team can use over time, across multiple projects.

Custom-Branded PowerPoint Templates

We’ll work with you and your team to expertly craft your custom corporate template from the ground up, including your branding, fonts, colors, and graphic assets.

To begin, we’ll interview key members of your team to understand exactly how the deck will be used in the real world, enabling us to customize the backend of the deck with template slides with the layouts and placeholders your team needs to work smarter, not harder.

One Pagers & Infographics

Consolidate your story onto a one page or infographic that’s easily shareable and quickly digestable by even the busiest C-level clients. We’ll work with you to beautifully condense your content down to its essence. Fun fact—in Japan, these one-pagers are known as “一枚ベスト”, meaning, “one-page best”. We think so, too.

End-to-End Complete Qual or Quant Deliverable

We’re market researchers and designers who’ve created stunning deliverables for qual and quant projects of all kinds. Our backgrounds include Kelton Research, Nestle, Disney, Honda R&D, and a whole lot more, enabling us to blend a consultative research role with storytelling and deliverable creation.

We know we’re best positioned to help researchers not just as designers, but as experienced researchers the earlier we’re involved. Further, clients can better predict costs by baking us into the project from the very beginning.

We start working on the deliverable at project kickoff, and are a part of your team meetings and interviews–all feed into our ability to use the deck-in-progress as a central hub for the team’s insights, your client’s, and some of our own. And when we’re out of field, we’ll lead your team in a Storytelling Workshop where we’ll collaborate on the main themes driving the story, resulting in a stunning, insightful deliverable that resonates.

“We do all kinds of research, from customer research, understanding the marketplace, understanding product design & development, qual & quant, survey-based. So you’re asking a bunch of questions and quantifying that result, and you need to illustrate those results. And you don’t want to use the same questions over and over again with a bar graph or pie chart, you want to visualize them.You want these insights to come alive. And that’s what Slidedesignr does; with iconography, different palettes, different design textures to really visualize and help an audience really understand and help a presenter present these ideas really impactfully.”


Simple Pricing

Packages to fit your slide design needs

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Get all of these features with any Slide Package.

Slides Done For You

3 Revisions Per Slide

Complimentary Slides Included

Fixed Pricing Per Slide

Can Be Easily Shared Among Team Members

Slides Counted by Value, Not Number of Pages

Fast Turnaround & Flexible Deadlines

Predictable Budgeting


Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s behind this service?

We’re market researchers and designers who’ve created stunning deliverables for qual and quant projects of all kinds. Our backgrounds include Kelton Research, Nestle, Disney, Honda R&D, Acura, and a whole lot more.

Slidedesignr was started by market researcher, moderator, and artist Vashte Steinbiss—check out her LinkedIn profile here.

How long has this service been around?

Slidedesignr has been helping Insights Professionals of all kinds level up their deliverables since 2013. And as researchers ourselves, our services are constantly evolving as we listen, learn more, and shape the service to stay aligned with our clients’ needs.

I'm working with sensitive, proprietary data here. How secure will my files be?

We’re a distributed team of 100% United States-based designers and insights professionals.  Your intellectual property is safe with us; we’re beholden to all US Intellectual Property laws.

The security of your data is our highest priority, and we take industry-standard measures to keep your files safe and protected from unauthorized access.

What is required from me?

Before kicking off a project, we’ll sign your NDA and send you our simple Terms & Conditions. We’ll also send you a Statement of Work listing the project objectives, milestones, deadlines, and cost, so that we’re aligned on expectations.

We can start the project with whatever you have–slides, a Word document, an outline, or even scans of hand-drawn sketches. We even have one client who describes her slides to us over the phone. Whatever works!

What's it like to work with a Slidedesignr?

When we begin creating your slides, we don’t work in a black box; our open process is collaborative and iterative. Regularly updated draft slides will be uploaded to a secure online space that you can directly markup with changes and feedback, which we will then incorporate in subsequent drafts as we work toward the final deliverable.

How long will it take?

For new clients, we typically will budget 5 slides/business day. For our longer-term relationships, turnaround times become shorter and shorter as we become more acquainted with your style and your voice.

We’re happy to jump in on rush projects. Need it faster? No problem! We’ll align our schedules and assign the members of our team necessary to make that happen. Your cost per slide will reflect our standard rates * a small multiplier for easy budgeting.

Will I be able to edit my final deliverable?

Yes, it’s all fully editable! We’ll send or upload the final deliverable to you with all custom shapes, graphics, charts, and graphs with linked data files.

How do we get started?

Start by scheduling a free consultation call with Vashte Steinbiss.  Book your call using this calendar:


Slidedesignr Booking Page


Or just send an email to

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They made it easy, and brought my vision to life in a way that I was very proud to provide to my client. A lot of talented designers don’t want to work in PowerPoint. And whether anyone likes it or not, that is the way business communicates. The fact is, Vashte was my business person on top of everything else.”


Designers Who Know Business.